Once Upon a Time….


An incredible story of survival and courage via A Teacher’s Reflections.

A Teacher's Reflections

I tell stories.  It began many years ago during lunchtime in my classroom with my preschoolers.  I told a story about my childhood, The PeanutMan, which has become a classic story that children beg for, along with at least fourteen other stories.  Yes, my stories actually have names.  Imagine that!

My storytelling grew.  They were all true, and every time I told a story I began with, “It happened like this”.  That phrase has now become a magnet.  When children hear those words, they are glued to my story.

Storytelling was also the start of my writing.  I began writing newsletters to the parents and families of my preschoolers.  I realized that telling children about my childhood adventures was as important as telling parents about the meaningful things that happened in my classroom.  Both mattered.  Both made a difference.  My writing grew tremendously because parents needed to know not only…

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