A SINGLE LIGHT – September 2016


A single light,

He follows,

A light in the distance,

Just beyond his reach,

He perceives it as a prism,

Yet he knows it as his soul,

If he could but capture it,

For a moment or an eternity,

He would know all,

There is to know.






Photo by K. D. Dowdall

7 thoughts on “A SINGLE LIGHT – September 2016

    • Hi there, J.J
      So good to hear from you. How are your books doing, great I am sure! I would like to apologize for the comment that I never answered months ago. I did little on WordPress for months because I developed an eye condition and for almost 9 months I had to say in a darkened room and I never thought to look at “About the Author”. If you still would like to read Garrett’s Bones, a love story with mystery and murder, I would be happy to gift one to you. Just let me know! Karen Anna 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I bought it already and I’m going to publish a nice review of my experience on Amazon when I’m finished.
        It is wonderfully written and I enjoyed the chapters I have read so far. Unfortunately I haven’t completed it yet due to circumstances. But I will very soon and you will know.
        It’s just funny you said that because I was thinking about reading Garrett’s bones earlier on today and i remembered your blog.
        Thank you so much anyway.


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