The 7 Essential Website Elements

Time is always a factor and that goes for readers too. So, make it easy for followers to follow. Here are 7 ways to keep followers following, but the most important thing is to faithfully respond in kind and don’t take anything for granted.

(The following is a post from WordPress forum: Most WordPress themes are free, but you can also buy a premium theme, which will come with better support and forums (meaning you can work out bugs more quickly), more frequent updates and more customization options.) 

1.Make sure your author name stands out or brand: Some authors also add a tagline or description that clearly describes the type of writing they do. For example, novelist CJ Lyons’ is “Thrillers with Heart.”

2.Email newsletter signup: Whether you send it once a year or once a week, start a free email newsletter to stay in touch with readers who visit your site. Mail Chimp is one email newsletter service (free up to 2,000 names) that helps automate the process for you.

3.About or bio page: Some authors put this information right on the home page,  even if you do this, create a separate page with a more detailed bio and a professional author photo.

4.Information about your books, articles or products: You might have a separate page for each book or product, or you might combine everything onto one page. Regardless, don’t skimp on the details, and always include links to where your work can be read or purchased in both print and digital form.

5.Social media icons or badges: Let readers know where else you’re active online.

6.Social proof: If you have notable media coverage, good reviews, positive testimonials or a significant following on a specific platform (e.g., Twitter), let it be known. These are important signals to visitors that you’re worth their time and attention.

7.Straightforward menu or navigation: Don’t be clever with the names of menu items or pages. Label things clearly. Web design studies have shown that visitors’ eyes tend to glaze over if there are more than 5–7 menu items, so be disciplined about how many you decide to include.

***Most people who visit may never pass your way again, and most visits won’t last more than a minute. So, make the tough decisions: If people spend only 10–15 seconds on your site, what should they not leave without knowing? How can you stay connected to readers or fans after they leave? What would you do? If you have an interesting suggestion, please comment – feedback welcomed! My suggestion is to always be Authentic!

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