Changes Made To Ad! Thank You Bloggers!

Here is the New Ad with changes made as suggested by my artist bloggers (and thank you so much – Ad now greatly improved)

Thank you to the following Bloggers who made great suggestions to improve my Ad:

Julia at  suggested (wisely) 1. Put quotations around Writer’s Digest comments! (Perhaps I need another grammar course!) 2. Do not use all Caps! (whatever was I thinking to do that!) 3. Put Book Cover in a different location – it looks copped off! (I may need a new book cover!)

Bobby at Bobby suggested (smartly) 1. Bobby chose sample #3 and reblogged it! (very kind of you Bobby)

John at John suggested (rightly) 1. To add “also murderer to sexual predator” (However did I miss that – that is a critical point of the story)

Charles at  for suggesting 1. I keep the accolades and for reblogging my post. (funny you should mention that, next Ad, also I am up for the Author Shout Out April 23rd!)

KC at for suggesting 1. correct verb agreement (I’m re-reading grammar rules – I may be gone for a few days!) 2. list awards and commentaries not logos (great idea) or put them on the back cover of book)

A special thank you to all 19 (now 21) bloggers who liked my Art Experiment. (I thank you so much!)

The Three Original Ads to Choose from:

Here is the Ad most chosen by 99% of all  people commenting:

4 thoughts on “Changes Made To Ad! Thank You Bloggers!

  1. This is a great idea. It’s interesting to see the process of creating and revising the ads. One thing I would do is change that first “murdered” to “killed”. That way you’re not using murder twice in two sentences. You could, but it just sounds better to me. How did you manage to get a “Writer’s Digest” quote?


    • WL, great suggestion! I will definitely use it. I am doing several Ads. Actually, I submitted by book for review and contest last year and I received a very nice commentary. It costs about $100 and you can win a big cash prize and so forth. I posted the entire commentary sometime in Dec/Jan here on WordPress. Take look and if want to. Thank you for your great suggestion! Karen 🙂

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