An Art Experiment: Designing My Own Ads for Garrett’s Bones

I was an art major my first year in college, so I considered that perhaps, “be that as it may”, I should “give it a go” to use “Paint Box” and “practice makes perfect”, so… I am doing my own twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and WordPress Advertising, just to see if I can do it, for my fiction novels, especially Garrett’s Bones.  So…I am going to put three of them here for comments and honest feedback. Next, I am joining KDP and I can make my book FREE for honest feedback as well! So, this first attempt is not too bad. A rebellious teenager who might just be a murderer!

Number 2


                 Number 3

Feedback greatly appreciated!  And, thank you!  Karen

26 thoughts on “An Art Experiment: Designing My Own Ads for Garrett’s Bones

  1. I too am drawn to the traditional look of *3, this the one that be most purchased. The blurbs on *2 should be confined to the rear cover and the large monochrome on *1 is just too big. Good luck and well done for an interesting exercise.


  2. Hi Karen, first: congrats on the Writer’s Digest recommendation. For #2 – I would put quotation marks around it since it is what they said and not leave it in all caps. For both #2 and #3 I would also like to see the book in the lower right or left corner. Right now it looks like it has been cut off at the top. I hope this helps.


  3. Number 3….However change the last to: “Is it someone they know?”

    Like the three bears, Number 1 is too little, and number 2 is too much. (But if you choose number 2 for the valuable endorsements, I would correct verb agreement and make the list into a statement such as: “Compelling! Intriguing! A fast-paced thriller that satisfies… ” –Writers Digest, followed by “featured on E-book Daily,” “nominated for 24th annual Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards”

    But if the E-Book and SP Book award, and Amazon Author Central focus on author more than title, I would put THOSE mentions on your inside bio. But that is my Tech Writing degree talking…

    Best of luck!


    • KC, Wow. I am copying all of your suggestions! I am doing several of my own Ads and all will be different. Some vertical, some horizontal and with verbs that agree and every single suggestion you have just given me! Fantastic! Thank you so much! Karen 🙂


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