Back in late November I finished a 2nd edition of Garrett’s Bones, not that there was really anything wrong with it, but I just wanted to add a better epilogue and a few little grammar improvements.  Since then, I have been so busy working on my new book, The White Witch Chronicles, that I didn’t pay attention to Garrett’s Bones.

I was quite surprised when I discovered that the reviews were gone a few months back.  How unfair, I thought. After emails and phone calls with Amazon, there is nothing I can do. What I didn’t realize, is that I would lose my reviews by Amazon customers. My first edition is no longer available, nor do I want it to be, it is confusing enough as it is. I will never do a 2nd edition ever again. Please keep in mind, that Amazon has changed some of its policies and family and personal friends cannot do reviews for their family member.


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