I have reblogged a great post the site and title,  “Dear Stranger” on It is an excellent post. A must read!  My comment is as follows:

I believe that domestic abuse is still very much a terrible social problem in our American culture as in other cultures as well. There are many pathological rationales, however, bullying, power plays, anger tantrums, sexual abuse and rape, as well as drugs and alcohol, are key behavioral problems and often lead to a deadly outcome for any female of any age by fathers, brothers, boyfriends, male strangers, and husbands.

Parents often avoid to act on or deny that their male/female child, at a very young age, display acts of cruelty, meanness, and anger tantrums. Often parents just don’t know how or have no time to address these pathological issues. Whenever a culture accepts bullying, as America has recently decided to do, I suspect the act of emotional abuse and violence will escalate.

Abuse whether physical or emotional, is also observational by children watching the actions of and by adults within all of our social interactions/mediums. It often starts at the beginning of a child’s life and if not addressed, continues the cycle of abuse and violence throughout these individuals lives. Stop abuse where every you see it, whether in church, school, or at home. Unfortunately, the culture aspect of religion often by design, encourages dominance over females, this is intellectual and emotional abuse that sets the stage for emotional and physical abuse for life.

Heart to soul

Stranger! YESS that’s what you are.! That’s what you always were.!!

I never met you by my own choice.I was told to meet you by my parents.And I was forcibly expected to like you.Because no matter how I felt,it was already decided that you were the perfect choice for me, and that I could not get any better. Everytime I tried to believe them, I inturn doubted myself. But I was so obliged to my parents that I couldn’t question their intentions for me.I wore those specs of oblivion that I couldn’t see any flaws in you.Since I had to spend almost all my life with you,I started respecting you. Before I knew what was happening I even started to like you. Our story seemed to be a fairy tale.Our lives seemed to be written by God’s own hands.

We got married.This is the most beautiful day of girl’s…

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