The Importance of Imagination

Thoughts matter, they stimulate imagination and as written in this post by Jennie, “A Teacher’s Reflections”, the classroom gives voice to young minds.

A Teacher's Reflections

Imagination is the most exciting, and the most powerful tool I have when teaching children. It’s the foundation for learning, and for wanting to learn. The best learning that takes place in my classroom is rooted in imagination; from reading aloud to linking Einstein and Mozart… well, this blog post says it best. It captures the essence of why imagination is important. And, it is!

charles french words reading and writing

Imagination is one of the most important aspects of life and of writing. We should cherish it and help develop it in others.  Here are a few quotations for your consideration:


“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

                                                                     Albert Einstein


“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”


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