A Clarifying Moment in American History by Eliot A. Cohen


Professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS; former Counselor of the Department of State. column . Latest book is (2017).

Professor Cohen writes with cogent intellect and extraordinary experience. This is a not to be missed article from The Atlantic.

Here is a short excerpt:  There should be nothing surprising about what Donald Trump has done in his first week—but he has underestimated the resilience of Americans and their institutions.



2 thoughts on “A Clarifying Moment in American History by Eliot A. Cohen

  1. Long article — it would be effective to clarify, to bullet, the main points first — many good points but it needs more emphasis for people of all educational understanding and to drill home ! the importance of what you said


    • Hi Caran, I agree, however, I didn’t write and it was an opinion piece for The Atlantic Journal by Eliot A. Cohen. I personally feel it is important to do this: tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them. Sometime ago, when I was teaching Clinical Research at the University level, that is how we taught. So, I am use to reading long editorials. I do prefer bullet points and always lead with your important points first! 🙂


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