Steve Bannon’s Idea for America: Eurasianism




Today, President Trump reorganized the National Security Council by elevating his chief strategist Steve Bannon and demoting the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They will only be invited to sit at the table when Steve Bannon deems it necessary.

Erasmus,, writes” It’s a fair bet that America’s [president-elect] doesn’t spend too much time on Russian philosophers, but somebody close to him is certainly aware of Alexander Dugin. That is, Trump’s campaign manager Stephen Bannon (pictured). Answering questions at a conference in 2014, [Bannon] expounded on Russia’s leadership, its intellectual origins and on why some people in the West might find those origins worth exploring. Thinking aloud rather than in full or coherent sentences, Bannon said:

“…Vladimir Putin, when you really look at some of the underpinnings of some of his beliefs today, a lot of those come from what I call Eurasianism; he’s got an adviser [Alexander Dugin] who harkens back to Julius Evola [Fascist] and different writers of the 20th century who are really supporters of the traditionalist movement which…… eventually metastasized into Italian fascism…We, the Judeo-Christian West, really have to look at what [Putin] is talking about as far as traditionalism goes, particularly the sense of where it supports the underpinnings of nationalism…”

Robert Zubrin, writes,, Alexander Dugin is an exponent of “Eurasian” geopolitical thought which dreams of a great Slavic-Turkic land empire under Moscow’s command, he saw his influence soar during the early months of the conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014.  Along with some figures on the nationalist fringe of Russian Orthodox church, he gave moral support to the leaders of the Russian-backed rebellion against the government of Ukraine. Dugin sometimes describes his credo as Orthodox Eurasianism, but he is not much interested in Christian theology as such: more in Orthodoxy as a mark of distinction from the West.

K.D. Dowdall, writes, “Julius Evola, one of Steve Bannon’s favorite philosophers and  esotericist,  was an Italian guru, Neo-Nazi Fascist, of the far right who also drew on a strange “traditionalist” view of wisdom in many ancient and elaborate faiths and loathes secular modernity.” According to one scholar, “Evola’s thought can be considered one of the most radically and consistently antiegalitarian, antiliberal, antidemocratic, and antipopular systems in the twentieth century.” Many of Evola’s theories and writings were centered on his idiosyncratic mysticism. Evola’s work was influential on fascists and neo-fascists.

Putin, Dugin, and Bannon denounce liberal and secular humanism in the name of the Judeo-Christian Western world and believe that their definition of Traditionalism is “a return to the traditionalism of the Middle Ages, as written by Julius Evola” or in other words— eliminating the America we know: our American Democracy.

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14 thoughts on “Steve Bannon’s Idea for America: Eurasianism

    • Yes. A very scary surprise, although, I am not really surprised. I do know that if something is not done soon, we will be slipping closer and closer to something worse than authoritarian rule. There is the 25th amendment.

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      • Good point. Until now, I’d only considered indirect influence from Bannon or Pence or any other figure in the administration. Direct influence or outright control would be much worse.

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      • That is what is happening. It is a dictatorial playbook 1. lie repeatedly (gaslighting) & put a gag order on all departments in government 2. denigrate journalists & jail a few, 3.denigrate teachers, professors, defund as many programs as possible 4. remove people from power (joint chiefs of staff, director of Intelligence) 5. limit then deny protesters ability to protest 6. Start jailing protesters of influence 7. Limit access to internet (for security reasons) 8. unilaterally abolish certain rights 9. create more fear, war, threats and the list goes on…until Trump and his gang has total control. Let’s hope we can stop him (Bannon) before that happens. (I am sure I have missed a few points leading to something worse than authoritarian government.) Thank you for commenting! 🙂

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