Don’t be fooled by those who rule

Fauxcroft, describes very eloquently, what most intelligent individuals who ascertain incongruities, absurdities, and the bizarre, believe are schemes to deceive in general and in this regard, specifically, the public.


If you paint a picture that is darker than dark, convince people life could not get worse, if you spin them the notion everything is bleak and appeal to the destitute out on the street. Telling them it’s not their fault the immigrants are to blame, telling them foreign business and imports have destroyed our economic base and then tell them that everything will be OK by driving them out and financing our own names, is a recipe of fascist policies and beliefs and it sounds like a truly 3 Reich speech, by rallying people around a flag that is weak and demonising all that’s gone before stinks and reeks, of someone who is manipulating everyone. The aim is to talk all things down to the ground even though things are not as bad as they sound, it’s easier to look like things are on the way up when you…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled by those who rule

    • Thank you Cindy. I think it is important to be involved to whatever degree we can. Writing is one way. Chipping away at our democratic republic is never a good idea by denigrating our freedom of speech, our revered agencies that do keep us safe. There are ways to in an adult population to speak with clarity, diplomacy, and decency.


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