Why Do I Write?

Author Charles F. French, author of Maledicus, offers to all interested, a question: Why, as writers, do you write? It seems as though for a writer this would be an easy question – but it is not. It complicated. I am plan to answer that question and so, why do writers feel so driven to write?

charles french words reading and writing

I was asked this question several times over the last couple of years, often at writing conferences by other writers. I was thinking about it today, and my answer is deceptively simple: I write because I have stories to tell, characters to give life to, and because I love books.



I believe in the power of words to communicate between the author and the readers as  I believe in the connection of human beings. All stories, no matter the genre, speak to that connection. I remain an eternal optimist and see writing as an expression of that hope. I see the journey into the imagination as creating not only places of wonder but possibilities for the growth of empathy and compassion. I see writing as a way to question society as well as to show its strengths. Mostly though, I am able to tell the stories I have within…

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