From the of author of a dozen thrillers and entrepreneur Mark Dawson suggests:

  1. have at least one free book on offer;
  2. build a loyal following via interaction;
  3. have a well thought out and researched marketing plan before you begin to spend your budget.

From the Founder of the Alliance of Independent Writers, Orna Roberts suggests:

  1. develop your own email distribution list as one of your key pillars in your marketing plan,
  2. speed up your operation by using a database manager like Mail chimp and
  3. don’t start spending money on advertising until you have at least three books out there.
  4. So far, there have been two other Amazon Academy events on this side of the pond: one previously in Dublin and this one in London. And there will be one more in Newcastle coming soon! After that, Amazon will review feedback to see if they will do it again and I, for one, hope they will.

Published by

Karen DeMers Dowdall

Karen DeMers Dowdall was born in West Hartford, Connecticut. She has lived in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and England. Karen has a PhD, MSN, BSN, RN in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University. “Books of every genre teach us about life, how we think, and view the world." She has written poems and little short stories since she was a child. Karen loves art, she enjoys drawing, painting in oils, pastels, colored pencils, and doing portraiture. She has also taken ballet, Jazz, and modern dance since she was three years old and owned her own dance studio.


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