The Real Meaning of Christmas Giving- Alicia

A beautiful and inspiring true story from A Teacher’s Reflections and as the title reveals, “The Real Meaning of Christmas Giving.”

A Teacher's Reflections

Alicia was my first experience in real Christmas giving, the kind that involved the whole family and money.  One hundred dollars- a fortune for a preschool teacher back in the late 80’s.  It was a Christmas gift that changed my family.  They didn’t know Alicia, although I often talked about the children in my preschool class.

Alicia came into my class with issues; she had spent much of her first year of life in a baby seat.  Her mother had special needs and never knew that holding a baby, talking with a child, and letting a baby play on the floor were important to a child’s growth.  Never mind reading-aloud or playing with toys- those activities were far away from Alicia’s world.

Her mom had a big heart.  She really wanted to do what was best for her child.  I spent as much time helping her as I did loving…

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