PAINTBOX AND ME: Author Learning to do Advertising Art?

As far as advertising a recently published book, it seems that trailers are out and twitter and Facebook photo ads are in vogue. So, trying to save money may or may not be my best option.  I reasoned, as I always do, for good or bad, that I can do this because it just takes practice. After all, I had a scholarship to college in Fine Art. However, that does not necessarily translate to advertising art. I am going to try this as I am never one to give up until I get right. This could be a very long journey!!












8 thoughts on “PAINTBOX AND ME: Author Learning to do Advertising Art?

    • Hello, Blue Haven Press! First, thank you for the lovely comment! 🙂 And second, I entered by book into the Self-Published book awards back in April 2016. Besides the commentary, they use a rating system for grammar, structure, plot, characterization and so forth, then the commentary. The have eBook wards, Book awards, Lots of other awards as well. Again, thank you. Karen

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