Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas: Horror From The Good Old Days









This fabulous, editorial/essay post by KC Redding-Gonzalez, in Zombie Salmon, is fantastically written and very scary too. Truly, it is literally eye-opening. Yet, underneath the scary is a very deep truth about life and death and what we fear most. So, readers, what do you fear most in your darkest moments?

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

It may come as a surprise, but once upon a time folks liked their Horror at Christmas. One could surmise that the increasing hours of darkness, the howling of hungry wolves, and the entrapment of inclement weather were co-conspirators to the cause; it is far too easy to become preoccupied with one’s own mortality when the temperatures send frosty ghosts to drift across candle-lit rooms and skeletal branches claw at window panes while the animals in the walls scurry ever deeper to find warmth.

In so much dark and quiet there is isolation, and the ever more loudly heard “sounds of silence” echoing in your ears. We forget how very dark and how very quiet the world once was. And maybe that is why our modern ghost stories are often found lacking the connective tissue of eerie tales of yore.

Technology changed things; we haven’t embraced so much light since…

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4 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas: Horror From The Good Old Days

  1. Yes, I loved it. KC is a wonderful writer. So many of the wonderful writers and poets have found their way to your blog and visa versus – that is how I have come to know them. You always seem to find some of the greatest talents out there. Thank you! Karen 🙂

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  2. Thank you for the reblog and faith in its content! I also agree with you about the Professor…he is not only a one-man lesson in author self-confidence and marketing, but is a virtual lighthouse to some of the most wonderful blogs to rescue our collective sanity!


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