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This is very important, especially with all the toxic fabrics, rugs, curtains that we live with everyday in our homes.



Houseplants are awesome indoor air cleaners, but some of them are more effective than others at filtering out pollutants and toxic chemicals in the air. This infographic highlights the best air-filtering plants, according to a NASA study.

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3 thoughts on “NASA Has Compiled a List of The Best Air-Cleaning Plants For Your Home

  1. I love weeping figs so I’m glad to see them included!


    1. Hi Sarah, I usually have lots of plants, but since we moved into a new house, I haven’t bought any so far. After reading this, I plan to buy several. Thank you so much for comment and will definitely look for weeping figs. Karen 🙂

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      1. Having also recently moved, the same applies here!


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