A Writer’s Journal (About)

Lovely. 🙂

A Poet's Journey

I write the poetry that finds me.

Welcome. This blog posts only four times a year. It is designed to complement a seasonal literary journal created by Midwestern writers. Look for the Autumn, 2016 post on Thanksgiving Day.

I feel the disadvantage of social media is that no matter how eloquent the introduction, one cannot truly begin to know another without sharing steps in  that person’s life journey. Learning more about someone requires time, effort, and a desire to dive below the splash of hobbies and favorite colors. To complicate things more, I am a quiet thinker who prefers privacy. I also prefer to speak through my work. Those who read with a spirit of friendship will know me best.

ee-cummingsRecently, while  researching a  book project, I discovered a bittersweet story about E.E. Cummings that made me feel closer to the soul beneath the words. Apparently, the poet wrote fairy tales…

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