Echoes — Roberta Pimentel

Originally posted on Simply Me: All it takes, is a feeling so strong, listen to the sound of silence and its own rhythm of a song. Listen to the rain as it falls to be heard. Listen to those who are silent, but still share a million words. Listen to nature; as it unfolds untold…

via Echoes — Roberta Pimentel

5 thoughts on “Echoes — Roberta Pimentel

    • Hi Elaina, Thank you for liking my poetry. I had hoped you would be back on a regular basis. Your poetry is always so beautiful and profound. However, I am grateful that you will be back four times a year. What magazine are you with? I would like to subscribe. I know you will be doing your poetry there, I hope. I know you said your book will be available in January 2017. Will it be on Amazon?

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      • Once again, thank you for your lovely compliment.

        I work for a startup magazine named The Heartland (Journal). It is available only in print. Our first issue is free of charge provided to potential subscribers. I can send you a complimentary copy in late January. If you like it, just follow the directions on the included subscription card. After the first edition, I will not publish too much poetry there. We have a blind submission process but I don’t want writers emulating any one style in hopes being published.

        My book hopefully will be out in February. The publishing company requires that 25% of the included poetry be previously published in print journals/magazines. Currently, I am two poems shy of that requirement. I will keep you updated. Your kind support is much appreciated 🙂


      • Elaina, I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to buy your book! Awesome!! I will subscribe to Heartland when you send me a copy! Wonderful. I am sure you will have two more poems before Christmas. What about a Christmas poem and/or a New year poem. There are never enough beautiful poems. Poems can lift a broken heart, heal a broken spirit and give joy to so many lonely and afraid people, regardless of all of life’s differences of culture or belief, in only a few words that impart so much about life, living, sharing and love about all else. Karen 🙂

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      • I am grateful for your encouragement, Karen. Thank you. The book is called Invisible Touch: A Poet’s Prayer for Peace. All your suggestions would well complement.


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