What to do if you want your voice heard





What to do if you want your voice heard! The electoral college does not make a final decision on the President-elect for 40 days (Dec 9th).  If you want your voice  heard, then go to https://www.whitehouse.gov and put your name on the petition to have your voice heard. If 100,000 people petition then Congress must, by law, consider the petition. Not that a petition  would change the outcome, however, when good people do nothing that is when evil can thrive.   Don’ t be angry, be persistent, be determined and be fierce in your persistence and your determination so your voice will be heard. Bullies cower when the righteous speak the truth no matter how mean-spirited they become to try and silence our voices. Don’t be afraid, as someone very wise once said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself” and don’t give up – ever!



9 thoughts on “What to do if you want your voice heard

      • Hello! Alexis, with fierce determination and perseverance everyday, through social media (twitter, Facebook, and other sites), just one truthful post about what is happening is key. Joining all or some of the Democratic groups online will keep you in the know. For instance, Paul Ryan’s first agenda is to privatized Medicare, meaning that we will no longer have Medicare or Obamacare. Privatization means any For-profit company will be able to choose who gets care and who doesn’t because they will work through For-Profit private insurance companies. We will be paying for this private “serve” and they will go through insurance companies. Few will be able to pay for healthcare. I have joined recently, the petitions, democratic groups, and just keep telling the truth. Thank you for commenting and no matter what Paul Ryan does, in 2 years if we truly educate Americans, we can undo in the midterm elections what the Republicans have done, hopefully.


      • I hope so. There’s only so much I can do and no more.

        As an immigrant in residency status there are far greater repercussions and risks for going against a president than for you citizens.

        So I wish you all the best! I’ll re-join the good fight when the government finds me “worthy” of citizenship.


      • Alexis, yes, you must protect yourself and be very, very careful and lie low, don’t express yourself to friends, only family. I understand completely. My husband caught his citizenship about 6 years ago. So, I really do understand. I wish the very best for you! You will make it, don’t worry.

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      • Yes, now that Trump has won it’s time for me to leave any public objections to you guys. It will be 3 more years before I’m eligible for citizenship – IF Trump doesn’t go about changing the whole immigration process. Thanks again – and all the best!


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