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Jumping into the unknown fathoms of starting a new novel this week has left me beginning to panic!The image above exactly represents how I feel when starting a new novel. I write down the concept in a special notebook for each new concept for a new novel. Except this time, I don’t have a title, per se.  So, when beginning a new novel, I often make up things I need to do first. For instance,  like reading the news, old magazines, walking, shopping, and trying not to panic by doing yoga or crocheting. Yes, I do crocheting and I almost have a blanket now.  After a while, I run out of excuses, take a few deep breaths and jump into a fathomless pit of indecision. Suddenly, the squeaky mouse, turns into a brave tiger and an hour later – viola – I have 10 pages written, that need lots of editing and maybe tossed in the wastepaper basket before the day is over, but it is a beginning!

So, other writers, what is your experience when facing a brand new blank page?



16 thoughts on “A Blank Page

  1. When I’m faced with a blank page, I almost view it as a challenge, it’s saying something like, “Come on, don’t leave any blank spaces!” And that makes me want to slay it, in true hero fashion. I can relate completely to what your post describes, it’s a rush to jump into the unknown, scary and then exciting as things progress and creativity thrives.


    • Wow. Katya, We do think a like, except you are braver than me and I thank you. I will think of you when I sit down tomorrow and face another blank page and I will say, “What wold Katya do and I would remember! By the way, your avatar is perfect! 🙂

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      • What a compliment! I am happy you’ll give slaying a try. Remember to keep your best weapon close (well sharpened pencil), and be sure your rations (coffee cup) are full. And thank you for the avatar compliment, I made it hoping it’d reflect my craziness, and it seems to be successful, haha!


  2. Hi,

    When facing a blank page I try to switch the medium, if I am struggling with the Word file, I will switch to a notepad to write down my ideas and concepts.
    I try t allocate time to writing during my day, this means I have a time limit on writing which means my mind switches into a mode where writing is much easier.
    Other times I would use sticky notes and write down all my ideas on them, but instead of at the table I would do it on the floor or in the kitchen. Just try to throw myself out of the comfort zone for a little while can help.
    Last but by no means least I try to limit distractions, internet would be off and I would put some mellow/rocky music depending on my mood to drown out all else.



    • Ru, thank you so much for commenting and I love all of your “tricks of the trade” for overcoming the “blank page terror” and I will definitely try all of them! I really like the sticky notes idea since I have many distractions! Great idea. Thank you again, Ru! It’s nice to know we are all in this together! Karen 🙂

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  3. The blank page scares me and can only be faced once there is no other choice left. So I will even clean the oven (ugh!) before sitting down to write. And I REALLY hate cleaning the oven.


  4. I will slay the blank page – hero style – by golly! You are also a very creative artist! Also, I do have a dozen pencils ready to and my favorite coffee cup that states, “Everyday is a New Adventure”! Karen 🙂


  5. Thank you for a wonderful post! When I face that blank page, I usually become excited, like a little kid who has just received a new toy! But then, again, in many ways, I have maintained my inner child, and I think it informs my writing. Does that make any sense?


  6. By the time I get to the blank page I have been thinking for quite a while about what will go there. It doesn’t stay blank for very long. I throw everything on the page that I have been thinking about.


    • Hi John, that is a very good thing to do. I do that sometimes. Often, I wonder if what I have to say is important enough to write on that blank page. It is far easier for me to write a novel, a short story or a poem. Usually, I choose something fantasy, supernatural or paranormal. What do you usually write about that you have been thing of? Thank you for comment. Karen 🙂


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