#INKTOBER2016 – Day 24: ONE DOZEN — YesterdayAfter

Reblogged from YesterdayAfter! Great original art!! Day 24: ONE DOZEN Ylia say : “One dozen of stars are only galaxy dust into the immensity of the universe ” – ©CR “Her name is ©Ylia and she is the Character born from my pen created for InkTober 2016″ I have a second Instagram account dedicated to my Art please follow me there! @carolinarussoart Visit […]

via #INKTOBER2016 – Day 24: ONE DOZEN — YesterdayAfter

2 thoughts on “#INKTOBER2016 – Day 24: ONE DOZEN — YesterdayAfter

  1. Thank you so much Karen! Today your reblog surprised me beautifully, thank you for your kindness supporting my art sharing this. I am very happy that you like my drawings. Have a wonderful day! ❤ Carolina


  2. Carolina, my pleasure! I hope you make an illustrative book out of these unique art forms with a short description and so forth under each illustration. I promise that myself and many, many others would buy it! 🙂


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