A Vessel – Is That What a Woman Is?

Asian Girl 3025f5e37ecd88869fe873878e29aa6cA Young Woman Speaks Out…


Just thinking…. There are instances where women are dehumanized while simultaneously being held to a higher standard by others and this concept is indicative of impossible expectations placed on women by outside forces. Which means that a woman gains by virtue of what she is to others not by virtue of who she really is.

I was remembering a poem, “Nazareth”, by Rosario Castellanos, in which she confronts the age-old symbol of a vessel as a symbol of what a woman should be:

“A vessel is an object which serves whatever purpose is given to it. A vessel only gains value by being able to successfully hold and maintain that which is put into it. Vessels can also be filled with expectations.  Like all vessels, fragile. Like all vessels, too small for the destiny poured into it”.

Why is it that we expect more from women than men? Why is it when a man shatters a vessel, so many run to his rescue, clean up, and make excuses while we blame women and hold them accountable when they are shattered and offer no such support? I’m just going to leave it at that.

Whoever this young woman is, she is brilliant. In a few words she has stated the plight that woman world-wide have born since the triad of religions that see women only has vessels, inasmuch, to hold them accountable for mankind’s failure to be civilized.




8 thoughts on “A Vessel – Is That What a Woman Is?

  1. I believe we are all humans who seek to be individuals. We also need love and respect. Women should not be considered inanimate objects of any kind unless in a compliment such as “she is a jewel” or “gem” and “she is an eagle soaring”, etc. Smiles Robin


    • Reocochran, absolutely, I am with you! We, as women, have come along way in the last 100 years, at least in regards to our western civilization ideology. Respect, starts with self as in self-respect. When we are cowed and intimidated by others, male or female, we do not sit down, we stand up with dignity, then a grudging respect comes and grows over time. Love is such an individual choice by those around us, however, if we expect to be respected and if we respect ourselves, love usually follows. The problem often is for women that fear of losing love, fear of standing alone, fear of not being protected and supported by a loved one or a hoped for loved one, may prevent many women from standing up, in my opinion. When we give ourselves away we lose our identity and thus have no individuality to stand up with. Being loved is a two way street, we must receive love (self) and then others will give love and respect. It all starts with self. I had to learn this about self-respect and then changed my way of being. Thank you for your very astute comment! 🙂


    • Hi Reocochran, Yes. We all seek to be heard, to be appreciated for the individual we are, needing love and respect and why not! We are all very valuable in our every day lives and what we leave behind when we depart this life. To have someone define us without our consent is the height of disregard. Thank you for your great comment! K.D. Dowdall 🙂


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