Review: Touched – The Caress of Fate

Touched The Caress of Fate 28666513

A strange take on a teenage love story, but I liked it anyway. Instead of graphic sex there are earnest and heartfelt feelings, pages of feelings, well done, I thought – but then again, I am a romantic at heart. The sense of the story premise, is a first love, a true love, a sense of a soul connection that takes the main characters by surprise, an unwanted surprise, at first. The teenage girl is innocent, pure, inasmuch as she had never dated, yet her feelings are so strong, despite her own reservations and concerns, concerns that are also fearful. There are interesting biblical passages, such as a hatred of witches portrayed as evil incarnate figures (a myth of course), Greek gods and goddess stories that I found interesting and quite telling as a back drop to the story. All in all, the novel is a rather contemporary Christian take on good and evil and a true love that defies both.

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