The life He Leads

Is far removed

From where he goes

Within his head,

He tends his garden

And stooping low

Thinks of those who use to be

But now are gone,

His thoughts travel far

Back to ‘42

Oh, that was a year

Wasn’t that what mama said?

Two babies in diapers

One in short pants

And they was always

A-hankerin to be fed

There was a wreck in ‘52

He lost one baby and mama too

On a city street

Their life’s blood bled

He squints his eyes, shuffles inside,

Stands before their pictures,

Side by side and thinks tomorrow

Maybe he won’t get out of bed.


Copyright @1995 Kathy Lauren Miller


4 thoughts on “THE LIFE HE LEADS

  1. Hi, Jenny,
    Yes, it is a compelling, beautiful, sad, heart-felt poem that represents older people who have lost their meaning to continue living when all they loved and lived for are gone. I think there are so many very lonely older people. Sometimes we tend to forget them, ignore them and even avoid them, knowing full well, we will be them someday. I am so glad you saw the beauty in it! 🙂


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