Have you seen

The moon at noon,

As a pale reflection,

A mere cartoon?

Does it make,

You wonder why,

While stealthy gazing,

at the sky?

Why the moon,

Does seem follow,

The yellow sun,

Like a silver shadow?

With a secret smile,

Upon its face,

Does it mean

To take its place?

Could you contend

With a silver moon,

When the dawn breaks

At daylight?

Could you see,

The stars so bright,

Through a yellow sun,

At midnight?

Alas, whom among us,

Would then wish to croon,

Amidst so much confusion,

A tune to the moon?

So, when you gaze

Upon the moon at noon,

Say a silent pray,

Not to make it soon!

Copyright 2000 K D Dowdall


4 thoughts on “THE MOON AT NOON

  1. Lovely post . Amazing art . U beautifully voice your poetry . It reflects virtual truth . Quite heartwarming! Great article . Thanks for sharing . Hope u have a great day ahead !


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