the_moon_goddess_by_ldragomir593-d683kimSometimes, I wish upon a star

To bring me where you are,

And there I would stay forever,

Yet, sadness does not grow

As a weed within my heart,

For I know a secret place,

Kept deep within my soul,

Of our promise to return,

A map to the stars!”



Copyright 2016 Karen Dowdall

6 thoughts on “A PROMISE TO RETURN

  1. Wonderful. Its is nice to see when someone puts delightful words to a picture, as opposed to, just putting the picture up. Thank you, and I am enjoying your book, though I haven’t had much time to read, your writing, I find, draws me into another world, which is a perfect getaway.

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  2. J.J, thank you for the greatest compliment a writer can receive. I am deeply moved by your comments and I will remember your words whenever words don’t come, and then they will. Your friend, Karen


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