A Beautiful GardenSome people like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a garden path – Jean Anouilh

One thing is true of all gardens. It is joint creation between a human intention to create a space of tranquility, peace, and beauty; and nature’s ability to comply.

Source: #FamilyFriendPoems


5 thoughts on “DOWN A GARDEN PATH

  1. I love looking at gardens with beautiful flowers, hanging baskets, beautiful lawns, but not doing the work in the garden. We have a nice big garden with lovely flowers and hanging baskets only because my partner loves gardening. I just sit and read and keep the house clean!


  2. It’s nuts, before my dad passed three years ago of cancer and him “making me” garden with him, I hated it. Now, omg, I am in love with gardening. I am learning slowly to learn the art of flowers and all that goes with it. Thank you for stopping over at my blog today. Chemical peels gale..Jackie~ Bless you


    • Hello again, I too love gardening, I have all of my life. It is healing to be with nature and growing things and making things bloom – just like you are blooming and growing in understanding of who you are – a thing that gardening and poetry do for the soul. I think you are a wonderful person with so much heart. Bless you too. Karen 🙂

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