Sad girl with a silver heart on a chain


We could say we just met and

We only danced while the band played.

We could say I only sang

While you penned sweet sonnets in the sand.

We could say we stood barefoot in the night by a warm summer sea.

We could say there are moments inexplicably captured in a place in a time.

We could say, oh yes, we could say, all this is true.

What was it that you said? What sound did you make?

That resonated so vibrantly and set me so free.

Yet, captured me so completely.

We could say, without words to say,

We are two, who meet by chance, now captured, in a place, in a time.

By K. DeMers Dowdall

Copyright  2016


6 thoughts on “WE COULD SAY

  1. Lisa, thank you so much. I do love writing poetry. And, like you when I write a novel ( I have two also, but self-published and a third in progress) and I don’t outline or research, only if I need too. I just write.


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