Raven 27837_1327294800This week is devoted to things beyond our understanding and knowledge regarding Celtic beliefs. The Celtic societies of old were and are a diverse set of beliefs concerned with the welfare of souls, the earth and beyond. The Druids and their Bards, scholars of their diverse beliefs, kept their stories for later generations. One set of beliefs, very much like the indigenous Peoples of North America, the American Indians, believed in animism. Animism is the belief that all things contain an energy of life with powers to help or hinder human beings and the earth.

The Druid Raven, know as Bran, offers initiation, protection and the gift of prophecy. What is meant by initiation in practice may be as formal as actually undergoing an initiation ceremony, or as informal as, for example, being initiated into the mysteries of a new post or profession. It marks the death of one thing, which gives way to the birth of another. The power of the Raven is believed to bring you the very deepest form of healing that is achieved through a process known as the “resolution of the opposites”, giving you the possibility of resolving conflicts that have long lain buried in your subconscious or perhaps in your past. When you know yourself well, you are protected by this knowledge and this is a form of prophecy, to know yourself in all your forms, all your ways of being, now and in the future as a soul in constant transition.  ****From the Druid Oracle working with the sacred animals of the Druid Tradition

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