Once Upon a Time….


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The Owl, Cailleach-Oidhache will come to you when day turns into night. It is the time of Owl-light, the shimmering time.

The Owl teaches us the wisdom of turning a disadvantage into an advantage and this you will need as you wander through earth life.

Twilight is owl-light, in the woods, to sense the other-worldly time and the inner soul of Nature.  The Owl is wisdom, change and

detachment, the objectivity of prophecy.


I am coeval with the ancient oak,

Whose roots spread wide in yonder moss,

Many a race has passed before me,

And still I am the lonely Owl of Srona

by Domhnull Mac Fhionnlaidh

4 thoughts on “The Owl-light Twilight

  1. ‘Twilight is owl-light.’ That is lovely. I will remember this.


  2. Hi Laine Anne, I am so happy that you like it. Studying the magical nature of Nature has always been important to me. I love your storytelling. its beautiful and you are so very talented.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Epic song! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi There, Constantine265, thank you. Karen


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