This Writer’s Journey

Unicorn Garden

Like most aspiring writers, you probably didn’t think at a certain age, like five-years-old, that you wanted to take your imaginary places in your mind to pen and paper. These were your secret longings; these fantasy images, stories, and playmates that lived in your imagination.

     These things, when you are five-years-old, are real. They lived, they breathed. The magical Jinn of your imagination tells you of adventures that once taken through the woods, down a secret path, will lead you to hidden wonders like dragons and princesses in towering castles.

     The Jinn will warn you of witches and golems that walk at night to take you far away, never to return, if you get lost in the forest, down that darkened path. Now, at last, you finally take that path, the writer’s journey to the hidden wonders you still seek.


10 thoughts on “This Writer’s Journey

  1. Hi Karen! I’m so glad I popped over. This is a wonderful post and made me remember the days of talking to my imaginary friends, not knowing that one day I would have the good fortune to bring them to life.


  2. Thank you for those lovely thoughts, Karen. My imaginary friends were always animals and of course there was a prince or two. I enjoyed calling those memories back with a smile. I don’t seem to get your posts in my reader. I will keep checking to see what you are up to 🙂


  3. Hi Laine Anne, thank you for liking my “This Writer’s Journey” and for your lovely comment. I have found, as well, that I must consistently sign-in, even though I have signed in, to leave a post or even a “like”. It’s okay though, I will figure this problem out, eventually. 🙂

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    • Fortunately, I came back to find your response. I don’t seem to get comment notices for your blog either. I hope you are receiving notices for the comments I leave you on my blog. WordPress uses a live chat now. It works really well and you don’t have days of emails going back and forth for help. I hope this works out soon. Your writing should be showcased 🙂


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