A Ship of Gossamer Wings




I pray for a ship of gossamer wings,

To ferry me back to whence I came,

I wish to see the centuries past

Till I come once more to that sacred place,

Where I left my heart, my love,

On a silent knoll, on Gaelic soil,

Beneath the shallow shale and stony plain,

On a winter’s cold white snow,

I wish I could remain,

Until I turn to dust upon his grave;

Fair winds, I know will come with spring,

Our spirits will rise to take, at last,

The ship of gossamer wings.

@kdemersdowdall 2016

5 thoughts on “A Ship of Gossamer Wings

  1. I love your cover design the lady in the green with a white rabbit is so magically gorgeous, it definitely draws readers in.


    • Hello there, thank you so much. I really love that cover. I wanted readers to know what my site is about. It is about magical realism, poetry, prose, short stories and everything romantic. I love your site as well. Thank you, for your great posts! Your friend, Karen 🙂


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