The Owl, Cailleach-Oidhache and the Wolf

Wolf Owl Mountain Lion Shawomen

The Owl, Cailleach-Oidhache will come to you when day turns into night….an excerpt from the novel, “Garrett’s Bones”, now on Amazon.

It is the time of Owl-light, the shimmering time. The Owl teaches us the wisdom of turning a disadvantage into an advantage and this you will need.The Raven, Bran, will give you protection and the gift of intuition and second sight. Bran, introduces you to the resolution of the opposites, it marks the death of one thing and gives birth to another. Conflicts will be resolved.The Shadow Wolf, FAOL, will follow you. The faithful Shadow Wolf brings you inner strength and will be near you in times of danger. The Shadow Wolf will be with you as you cross dangerous barriers, risks, to go beyond the limited compass of normal behavior. Some of these barriers will be painful, but do not fear as you already have inner power and strength.The Blackbird, Druid Dhubh, will call its song to you between two worlds, the Gateway of Enchantment, when the first stars appear at twilight when you must attend to the haunting song of your soul to heal and to dream.Your time of crossing barriers is the twilight, Aislyn, the Owl-light, during the Harvest Moon, the time when the old dies away and a period of haunting before the new.”