DELPHI ALTAIR Strange Beginnings

Delphi Altair Third Edition 11-2015 sample


Aliens, Watchers, Wizards, And a Secret That Could End All Life on Earth!

On the day of her mother’s funeral, Megan Donnelly finds a mysterious package on her dresser wrapped in faded brown paper and twine.  She has no idea where it came from or how it got there.  Somehow, despite her grief, the bundle of faded brown paper and twine has a strange power over her, as if she were spellbound.  Inside the package, Megan finds an old leather-bound journal.

Curious, Megan begins to read the story about a strange girl named Delphi Altair.  Delphi, who lives with her foster parents in an old Sea Captain’s manor, discovers she is being pursued by dangerous alien creatures who are trying to kidnap her or worse. Donovan, a new student at her school, befriends Delphi and together with Nikkos, an alien Watcher sent to protect Delphi, embark on a treacherous journey into the unknown.

Megan, fascinated by the journal, comes to realize Delphi’s mysterious quest is more than a story, it is terrifyingly real and Megan is somehow involved. Megan’s life is about to change in ways she could never have imagined.

                  Praise for Delphi Altair: Strange Beginnings

A beautifully written and epic novel “Simply put: this exceptional epic fantasy novel, by K.D. Dowdall, is beautifully done and should be picked up by any fan of epic fantasy stories. I am very impressed by Dowdall’s ability to weave together so many characters and storylines into a cohesive whole, it reminded me of the way Dickens and Tolkien are so deftly able to do this. The story takes place mostly in three settings: in a briny, seaside town sometime in the past, in a beautifully evocative land called Janji, and then in a familiar-seeming town sometime in the present day. Whether Dowdall is evoking other worldly magical creatures or earthly ones, her scenes are drawn with such detail that they will pull you in, time and time again. I highly recommend this book. You’ll be hooked and waiting for the next one.”

—Kirstin Lenane, author of, The Scare: A Halloween Story

An out-of-this world, magical, and thrilling epic fantasy

“This mysterious, magical, and thrilling first novel by K.D. Dowdall, is an epic fantasy adventure that will whisk you away by land, by sea, and to a far away realm that we sometimes conjure up in our dreams and nightmares. Dowdall’s vivid imagination and beautifully drawn scenarios are evocative of Tolkien’s, Lord of the Rings and Paolini’s, Eragon. I highly recommend this beautifully written epic fantasy and science fiction trilogy.”

—Kathy Lauren Miller, author of, The Starling Trilogy

Magic, magic, and more magic!

“K.D. Dowdall deftly weaves science fiction and fantasy in her debut novel where creatures and characters abound. I particularly enjoyed the lush and vivid settings of both the little sea town and the majestic (and at times bizarre) planet, Janji. This fantasy novel is reminiscent of, The Neverending Story and The Princess Bride.”

—M.L. LeGette, author of, The Orphan and the Thief

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