A Story to Lift Your Spirits

24677453By chance, as I was looking for something to read on my kindle, a book cover caught my attention. A darling little girl and her Bassett Hound were sitting under a beautiful tree looking up at the title of the book, living with Spirits, My life as a Spiritual Medium, by Sarah Christine Lalonde.  I wanted something different and thought the title was interesting. It was one of my best decisions, ever. I always wanted to know more about this subject, but generally, most books of this nature seemed cookie cutter at best, but not this book. Sarah brings such warmth to her personnel stories of growing up with spirits with such insight, understanding, clarity, and love that you can feel your own spirit lifted. Sarah also introduces the reader to a beginning understanding of how all of us are spiritual beings with abilities we may not even know we have. These abilities for the greater good are about self-growth, and an understanding of why we are here in the first place. I highly recommend this introduction to self-discovery and enlightenment with spirits.

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