Carefully light a candle,

Hold the candle in your hand

Feel the positive energy flowing into you.

Recite the Following:

I open my eyes to all the power

Of Earth, Sky, and Sun

I Wish for Health and Happiness

May these Energies stay within me

With all my Good Intentions,

Blow out the Candle repeating your Wish!

And Believe!!

A Story to Lift Your Spirits

24677453By chance, as I was looking for something to read on my kindle, a book cover caught my attention. A darling little girl and her Bassett Hound were sitting under a beautiful tree looking up at the title of the book, living with Spirits, My life as a Spiritual Medium, by Sarah Christine Lalonde.  I wanted something different and thought the title was interesting. It was one of my best decisions, ever. I always wanted to know more about this subject, but generally, most books of this nature seemed cookie cutter at best, but not this book. Sarah brings such warmth to her personnel stories of growing up with spirits with such insight, understanding, clarity, and love that you can feel your own spirit lifted. Sarah also introduces the reader to a beginning understanding of how all of us are spiritual beings with abilities we may not even know we have. These abilities for the greater good are about self-growth, and an understanding of why we are here in the first place. I highly recommend this introduction to self-discovery and enlightenment with spirits.


Copy Garrets Bones name change (1)

A new novel by Karen Demers Dowdall, to be published in November 2015. Anna and Garrett, appear to be ordinary teens growing up in an old colonial farming community in New England. They loved nothing better than spending time in the large forest preserve near their homes looking for American Indian artifacts. One day they found themselves as suspects in the horrific killing of fourteen-years-old Sarah Smith.  Anna and Garrett decide to prove their innocent by conducting their own investigation that puts them dead center in the real murderer’s sights. However, there are dark secrets in this pre-revolutionary community that go back to the year 1680 when the first settlers arrived to farm the lands. Anna and Garrett find themselves getting deeper and deeper into the past that will soon threaten to destroy everything they know and love.


Something in the Air Ben Starling


Brought to the reader, by author, Ben Starling, is a truly beautiful portrayal of two, who have found each other after years apart, Daniel and Willow. Their true to life, complex relationship is full of passion, uncertainty, surprises, hidden hurts from the past, revelations, hope, faith, and a great love of the purest nature and heart rendering. Something is in the air and it is something nefarious at the heart of this   story that endangers Daniel, Willow, and all living things. There are demons and devils in sheepskin here that must be ferreted out and our hero, Daniel, must find a way.














THE STARLING by New Author, Kathy Lauren Miller

New Starling


The dystopia novel, The Starling, is a fantastically exciting foray into a world, our world, that may exist in the future. The author, Kathy Lauren Miller, uses real scientific possibilities that are actually on the drawing board of technological advances as we speak. She carefully crafts two characters, like Jamie, a young girl in an emotional crisis and, by a twist of fate, is transported through time to earth’s dystopian future where humans are dominated by a malevolent AI and various degrees of terrifying humanoids. Jamie is used as bait to draw out free humans who live like Outliers on the hidden fringes of society. Quinn is a humanoid, whose internal program has been altered by a secret group inside this dystopian world, to make him a little more human. What happens between them defies logic but creates in its path a different way of thinking and hope for the future.

Greg Olsen’s New Thriller Mystery!

The Girl in the Woods

Gregg Olsen knows how to write a thrilling murder mystery with intriguing characters, twists and turns down the old primrose lane of suspense, fear, and the quest to figure out who the murderer is.  The female protagonist in The Girl in the Woods, is a strong, sure-footed  forensic pathologist called Birdy Waterman. Birdy is naive and tends to imagine good or bad qualities in her suspects that just aren’t there. Nonetheless, this is an admirable quality that Birdy has and makes her a relatable character that you will get to know very well. You will know Birdy very well, in fact, because it is who she is with all her emotions and fears that mirror your own, will become your emotions and fears.  The realism is there and you are there in the moment, looking over Birdy Waterman’s shoulder as she finds the killer.  I highly recommend this excellent murder mystery.


Something in the Air, a Short Story Prequel to a New Series


“Something in the Air: A Homecoming Romance is a short story prequel to Ben’s upcoming series. This first short story coming soon!
Daniel thought war was tough. That was till he fell in love.

What if it’s true that you can never really go home? Returning from a soul-crushing war, Daniel Dragan is determined to put the past behind him. But with his beloved uncle dead and the town’s economy in a slump, there may not be much to keep him in San Prospero, California. That is till he is startled by veterinarian Willow Devon at the roadside lookout above their hometown’s new factory.

A desperately needed job offer there may offer Daniel the chance he needs – but all is not as it seems at the factory and Willow, determined to save the inhabitants of her animal sanctuary, wants the factory’s operations stopped. Sometimes the road home is neither the one we expect. Nor the one we left behind…

This soul-stirring series from Ben Starling continues with the novel Something in the Water, to be released on January 21, 2016.