Once Upon a Time….


Ryan 1


                         The Boy 

   Beneath the forest canopy, she heard a slight rustle and then she saw him. His long slender legs moved with an effortless grace like a white-tailed deer through the brambles and bushes. He leaped dancer-like over decaying logs and skipped stone by stone over mossy growths—wet with dew.

The tall boy stopped now and again to smell the air as he made his way through the forest. The girl followed him, Indian-like, through the path the dark-haired boy made through the forest. She was almost close enough now to see the boy’s nostrils flare. In the distance, the girl heard the flow of water over pebbles and stones as she followed the stranger who followed the sound of the brook.

Ahead of them were large granite boulders and the sound of rippling waters. She watched the boy as he adeptly scampered over the huge glacier boulders and disappeared from sight. She followed suit and climbed over the boulders to reach the rocky banks of the brook. When she turned to looked for the boy, he was nowhere to be seen. She sat down for a moment and sighed. The girl wondered who he was, where he disappeared too, and why she had never seen him before.

As she pondered his sudden disappearance, she dangled her feet into the clear water. The girl looked down at her reflection, mirrored in the brook. Her long golden brown braids framed a face that softly tanned from the summer sun, hazel eyes now as deeply green as the moss beneath her feet. She became acutely aware that she was being observed and when she looked up, she saw the boy. His lean muscular body glistened in the sunlight. He stood with legs apart and his arms akimbo, staring down at her with an amused grin.

Her damp blouse was revealing more than it ought too. She blushed. She pushed her slender young body into the cool waters of the brook with nary a sound. Like an Indian brave, the boy dove into the water and came up beside her with a shy smile. She sighed deeply, realizing her androgynous past was gone and her path was uncertain.


9 thoughts on “THE BOY – A Short Short Story

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] A beautiful short story!


    1. Hi Renard, thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed it. I was a little nervous about putting it up on WordPress. Thanks for giving me kudos because I don’t have a lot of confidence in writing short stories for sharing.

      Thank you again,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Renard Moreau says:

        [ Smiles ] Oh, you worry too much Karen.


  2. I do, don’t I! 🙂


  3. Loved the short, short story. Wow, so good.


  4. Kathy Lauren says:

    Wow, great short, short story.


    1. Hi Kathy Lauren, Thank you for liking the short story. Greatly appreciate your comment! Karen


  5. Love this story, wonderful word use. 🙂


    1. Hello Eloise, Thank you for liking my short, short story. I saw what you wrote too and I already think you are good at it, so stay with it. I also like your blog, original and creative.

      Liked by 1 person

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