Once Upon a Time….


Into the Land of Snows

Author Ellis Nelson writes as one who knows of being in the land of snows, of being with the Himalayas, Sherpas, Monks, Lamas, and hence the beginning of an amazing life changing experience for Blake McCormack, Ellis Nelson’s main character in this fascinating novel. I came upon this amazing story by chance and did not even read the book description. The title alone was compelling to me. The story begins with the angst of a young 17-year-old boy, Blake, who is angry at his parents. Blake is forced by his physician father to accompany him to the Himalayas to help at the base camp at Mount Everest, but here the story takes a life changing turn for Blake and then the real story begins. Into the Land of Snows takes the reader into a world so different, so beautifully challenging in its vision of life that the reader is drawn-in completely. So strong is the vision presented in this book it may even change the being within you. I came away from this reading experience with a heightened sense of being. It has been almost two years since reading Into the Land of Snows and I still remember it vividly. I think this beautifully written adventure, with all its perils, is not to be missed.

4 thoughts on “INTO THE LAND OF SNOWS

  1. ellisnelson says:

    Such a wonderful compliment to know the book is remembered long after you finished it! You’ve made my day. Ellis


    1. Hi Ellis, Yes, I loved your book. I remains one of my very favorite books. I remember it vividly for the breath-taking beauty of the writing, the story, the realism and the overall theme, and premise. Several of my family has read this wonderful book too. Thank you for writing it. Karen


      1. ellisnelson says:

        Thank you (blushing)!!


  2. Congratulations, Ellis on a lovely review. I need to read this book.


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