A beautifully woven Tapestry of historical milieu by author, S. Woffington

The “Unveiling” is a beautifully written story that at its essence is a tapestry rich with intrigue, historical milieu, and wonderful characterizations. Each paragraph imbues a literary quality to every detail. Sara, the protagonist, carries the story forward in her impetuous youth in search of self.  What that means in a society that allows her no freedom to examine her true needs and wants is the crux this novel explores.  It is up to Sara and her parental family to choose or not the ways of the heart over an unyielding desire of societal tradition; a societal religious conviction that is meant to honor God and family. The Unveiling is a compelling story that is more than a story; it is real, heartfelt, and is true of every human spirit that chooses to dream and make those dreams come true.

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