A Date With Lucifer

Cursed by S.J. West

Lilly Rayne Nightingale has a date with Lucifer but she doesn’t know it. She is somehow unique in the world and that uniqueness may change the balance between good and evil, angels and demons. Someone is trying to eliminate her from the world. Lilly, totally oblivious to the powers of good and evil surrounding her, is like any other 18 teen year old looking for acceptance and love. Fate has always been one step ahead of her as her best friend Will manages to save her from several near fatal “incidences”.

However, Will broke her heart after their one and only first kiss. Years later when Lilly and her best friend Tara go off to college, Lilly meets the devastatingly handsome and intriguing Brand Cole. With conflicting forces of good and evil surrounding her, will she allow herself to open her heart once more to a new found love, Brand Cole and will she be able survive the destructive forces wanting her death.

  1. J. West’s story is enigmatic as it touches on universal themes that harbor in the hearts of all of us. Is there an unknowable heavenly battle raging amongst us, between the forces of good and evil playing out in our daily lives?
  2. Is there really “free will” in the world considering the mind-bending influences that prey upon us from birth until death?
  3. In the end will good (as subjective as that concept is) win over the forces of evil (depending on that subjective concept as well)?

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2 thoughts on “A Date With Lucifer

  1. Karen, your reviews are amazing. Normally, I don’t read books with a paranormal bent, but you’ve made this novel leap off the review page for me. So I’m hooked and must read it. Thanks for such a compelling review.


    • Hi Kathy Lauren, So glad you enjoyed the review. It is a very interesting teen fiction that is a clean read, full of twists and turns, high energy and the protagonist very engaging.
      Thanks again for you comment. K.D. Dowdall


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