Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Tour

I was tagged by Melissa LeGette for the WIP Blog Tour and I’m thrilled to be apart of  it.  It is fun, creative, and helps to see other writers’ creative imaginations at work.  I will also tag several other writers to do the same. It should be great fun!  Check out her WIP post here:

The novel I am writing is about a couple of young teens who inadvertently get involved in a tragedy. I based the concept for my new novel (in progress) on something that happened in a small New England town long ago. It is a coming-of-age murder mystery with a twist.

1. Garrett's Bones K.D. DowdallGarrett’s Bones (working title).

Amanda and Garrett, best friends and cousins by marriage, have been best friends since they were toddlers. Fifteen-years-old Amanda and Garrett have spent their growing up years playing in the grand forest preserve in the small colonial farming community of Salmon Brook, Connecticut.  The summer that Amanda turned fifteen, a tragic event set the stage for the life-changing circumstances that would turn their lives upside down.


  1. The summer I turned fifteen began like any other.



  1. Our hideout was a secret rock cave near Salmon Brook, hidden behind dense bramble.



  1. The forest floor was shaded darkly by the canopy of trees, making it difficult to see clearly.

My tag choices:

Kathy Lauren Miller, author of “The Starling”,

Ellis Nelson, author of “Into the Land of Snows”,

Daniel Ionson, author of “After Life”,



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